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Personal Bio-Energy evaluation assesses the functional state of the organs and complete body using the principles of gas discharge visualization and electro-photonic captures. It highlights the homeostasis mechanisms (or orderliness of the body) much ahead of clinical diagnosis and prepares oneself to bring order into one’s health. The evaluation provides insight into various energy channels and energy centers of the body, conscious and subconscious states of the mind, organ health, and cellular energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The analysis measures the electrons emitted by the fingers when exposed to a particular stimuli. These electrons in different sectors of your finger represent certain organ and energy channels that reflect the disturbance or orderliness in the body.

No, this is not a medical diagnosis, however it can give you deep insights into the health of your body much ahead of clinical diagnosis.

Any individual who is above 18 years of age and does not have any metal implants in the body.

Depending on the type of assessment , the results are shared in person immediately or in the form of a detailed report and a personalized zoom session with the certified expert.

What do people say?

The analysis provided by the team was on point with my present health conditions. The analysis team made sure that I could understand the whole report and facilitated me with a good understanding of my organs.
A great instrument to understand overall health. Happy to know my health is a litter deeper apart from the regular blood test.
Suraj Chawla
Corporate Professional
I was intrigued to know more about my chakras and energy channels. I got an understanding of my chakras positioning and what I can do for a better spiritual life.

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