About Global Ancient Knowledge systems:

Global Ancient Knowledge Systems is a term coined by SSIAR & refers to the ancient techniques, practices and traditions that encourage the spirit of scientific enquiry. Ancient knowledge systems stand alongside the global modern knowledge systems, often characterized as the ‘scientific worldview’, a term which came to prominence in the 17th Century.

Through the AOLGYSF we aim to bring experts from the varied field of GAKS who are applying ancient and traditional knowledge to solve the global modern challenges. The modern scientific worldview is considered the gold standard to solve problems of humanity. However, recent years have highlighted the role of GAKS in providing a holistic and broader worldview which complements the modern scientific method. GAKS are based on ancient wisdom and are being validated increasingly with modern science.

Why Join Us?

  • Be part of an organization that is focused on fostering the culture of innovation in Ancient and Vedic science.

  • We are committed to conduct research promotion of ancient science for societal transformation and sustainable development of humanity.

  • Get access to cut-edge research and health care practices from around the world.

  • Attend social events, conferences, webinars, and annual events to network with like-minded professionals.

  • Give back to the community through a platform for social service, general health care, and much more.

Existing Members:

Divya Kanchibhotla
Executive Director,SSIAR
Dr. Vikram Vishal
Associate Professor, Earth Sciences,IIT Bombay
Dr. Suruchi Jain
Assistant Professor, Nuclear Medicine, AIIMS Bhopal
Dr. Jyothsna Komaragiri
Assistant Professor, CHEP, IISc Bangalore
Dr. Ajinkya Navare
Assistant Professor, OB & HRM, IIM Jammu
Mr. Ramesh Soni
Co-Founder & CEO, Vayu-Jal Technologies Pvt. Ltd